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Advisors for All Media Environments


We help clients effectively navigate a complicated media environment. 

The media today is more challenging than ever. News distribution is lightening-fast and outlets are increasingly fragmented.

This environment creates enormous challenges. Even if your company is lucky enough to have a clear message it’s difficult to earn the media attention needed to gain traction. And if the message is complex or controversial, it is exponentially harder to connect to the audience and gain broad exposure. It is also imperative in this ever-changing media landscape to communicate to lots of different audiences simultaneously – customers, investors, advocacy groups and employees – in ways that are both tailored, yet still consistent and authentic. 

We can effectively help you navigate all of these situations because before we were consultants, we were award-winning TV and radio producers, reporters and editors. 

We know how the media works and how to make it work for you.




Chicago, Illinois


Amy Christenson

What We Do


We help you earn media attention when you want it, and manage it when it's unwanted.



Earned media burnishes reputations and garners a broader audience thereby attracting attention, clients and sales.


We are skilled message creators, and make sure executives (and teams) communicate consistently, clearly and effectively.  


You know public relations is important and valuable, but you don't know how to do it. Call us. 


We amplify your voice with strategic media planning and targeting. Hint: It's not the amount of media attention, it's the right media attention.