Christenson Gray


Everybody may hate the media, but everybody wants to be on the news.

What We Do

ATTENTION: Getting it or avoiding it

We help you earn media attention when you want it, and manage it when it's unwanted.

Strategic public relations is always your best ally in a 24/7 news cycle.



Earned media burnishes reputations and garners a broader audience thereby attracting attention, clients and new business.


We are skilled message creators, and make sure executives (and teams) communicate consistently, clearly and effectively.  


You know media and public relations are important and valuable, but you don't know how to do it, and even if you did you don’t have the time to deal. Call us. 


We amplify your voice with strategic media and public relations campaigns. Hint: It's not just the amount of media attention, it's the right media attention.

Who We Help


Earned media attention when you want it. Deflected media attention when you don't. 


Why We're Effective


So, your company has something to announce to the world. You’ve worked really hard to make it happen and you know this is your moment to get your story in the press. Fantastic!

As former reporters and media professionals, we know how to build a communications strategy that will effectively tell your story, and we get it to reporters who will actually care. We’ve placed hundreds of stories in general and niche publications across a wide range of interests, and have the professional contacts to get your story placed so you can get the attention you deserve.

 With every new initiative comes the opportunity to retell and update your brand story. CG specializes in helping you position your company for media readiness and provides the tools and training necessary to put your best foot forward.

Thanks to years working in every kind of newsroom, we don't just have contacts, they take our calls and listen to our pitches because they know we won't waste their time. That’s good news for our clients.


The media world is fragmented and specialized. Do you know who to call to get your message out quickly and to the right audience? We do.

o   WHAT WORKS       

-       Simple, conversational interviews

-       Getting comfortable with what you want to say and how you want to say it

-       Strategic media placements: It’s not just blasting out a press release, it’s knowing which outlets want and need to publish your story.


-       Memorizing what you’re supposed to say to reporters or producers

-       Thinking every pitch is appropriate for every media outlet

-       Missing out on media opportunities because you don’t know what to say


We get to know you and your organization first. Once we do, we know where and how to pitch your story. We don't waste your time.